Animating Blood Brain Barrier

Blood brain barrier is our brain’s lifeline and a guardian against microorganism infections. Its highly selective permeability makes infections of the brain very rare. But the blood brain barrier protection also poses a challenge to therapies, especially immune and biologics based approaches. Use of antibodies, antibody drug conjugates (ADC) and other engineered biologics are one of the main therapy approaches currently in focus of biotech and pharmaceutical companies. Thus, overcoming the complexity of delivering biologics to specific regions of the brain presents a major challenge to biopharmaceutical market and the R&D investors are waiting for the breakthrough.

 Antibodies are simply too large to cross the blood brain barrier and only certain antibiotics are able to pass. One way to outsmart the organism defenses is to use the barrier’s active transportation system, based on specific receptors. This way therapeutic agent can be transported ‘piggybacking’ on a molecule binding to the barrier’s receptors.

Blood brain barrier is formed by tight junctions between endothelial cells in vessels.  Astrocytes surround capillary endothelium by their cell body projections, called astroctyic feet, which play substantial role in maintaining the barrier. Astrocytes, the most abundant  cells in glia, play multiple roles in brain — providing structural support, metabolic reserve and modulation of synaptic transmission.

We modeled the blood brain barrier including the three elements – the blood capillary, sporting the complex endothelium and  containing red blood cells; the astrocytes and the neurons.

If your research or therapeutic approaches involve therapy of brain diseases, consider presenting your drug mechanism of action as animation. This can convince your investors or explain your therapy principle to the patients. Please contact Alpha Tauri 3D Graphics for details.