Biomedical Animation for Biotech Industry

A picture (or video) says a thousand words. It is the difference between finding investors for your newfound medical drug and being dead in the water. Let’s face it, the biotech industry isn’t the most exciting business, just the name alone is enough to bore some investors.

To add to the challenges, describing complex medical conditions or the complex processes of innovative pharmaceutical drugs is all but impossible with a 2D format. So what’s the answer?

Biomedical Animation! 3D imagery has the power to convert interested parties into full-time investors. Why? Because it brings the microscopic to our larger world, and explores the intricacies of the impossible, all the while awing viewers who have never witnessed such detailed medical illustrations.

How it’s Different

The difference between stimulating, exciting, and visually appealing 3D imagery and flat straightforward photos, sketches or documents and manuals is the level of excitement they bring. Following along as a red blood cell traverses the dangers of the body’s blood vessels is enthralling and exhilarating, unlike viewing a flat illustration on a document or sketch. Encompassing your viewer’s full attention is the goal of any bio-medical presentation, and biomedical animation will undoubtedly command their complete focus.

Expands Brand Awareness

Brand awareness within the biotech industry gives companies a competitive edge. If investors recall one company over another, it is quite possible that that company’s presentation and commitment to the product is what set them apart. Given that presentations are largely visual displays of a quality product, it is reasonable to assume that medical illustrations play a significant role in brand awareness. The question is, how will investors remember your product if your visual explanation is lacking? High quality, stimulating, and powerful biomedical animation is memorable and can help build positive brand awareness.

Increases Competitiveness

Biomedical animation is one of the fastest ways to communicate technically complex messages to a less medically inclined audience. In addition, companies that choose a specific medical product would like to have a visual display for their customers ready-made so that they can then move the product to the marketplace. A ready-made piece of 3D imagery, therefore, sets your product apart from others in the same industry. The complexity of your creation and value it offers are easily communicated through visuals, something that no medical document could ever hope to achieve.

Not only are 3D videos and illustrations attractive, but they are also professional. Commitment to your product and a deep desire to fulfill a need in the biotech industry are important, but to display your professionalism you need the right tools. 3D animation is one such tool. Compared to simple photos and manuals, video animations breathe life into your product and display a keen sense of awareness about it’s functions. This in turn instills confidence in your design and builds professional connections based on trust. own text

Regardless of the biotech product in question—whether that be a medication or device—high quality 3D imagery has the power to make your product stand out and stand up to the competition. With the right biomedical animation team on your side, you can effectively create a professional representation of your product and generate interest in your brand.

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